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Subject: EB-2008-0272?? FW: IESO Export Transmission Tariff Study.

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From: Wayne Clark []
Sent: September 15, 2009 10:23 AM
To: BoardSec
Subject: IESO Export Transmission Tariff Study.

Dear Secretary:

The IESO has recently submitted its final report on the Export Transmission
Tariff study to the Board. It is unclear what the Board's process will be
going forward, since the report suggests retaining the status quo. Having
been a participant in the IESO stakeholder engagement process on this issue,
I cannot vouch for the transparency of the process that was followed. I
recognize this is a strong statement, but the circumstances are such that I
would be remiss if I did not notify the Board of this situation.

My comments below have been provided to the IESO (including typos) via their
feedback survey on the stakeholder engagement process:

"For a stakeholder engagement process to have integrity, it must be
transparent from beginning to end. This process was transparent all the way
through to when the IESO held a final conference call to provide its
analysis and recommendation. After this call, a completely opaque process
took over, a further delay in submitting the report was requested, the
recommendations were reversed and issues that were earlier stated to be
manageable became problematic. Moreover, the IESO accepted funding for part
of the study from a party witha clear interest in influencing the outcome,
which was ultimately to the benefit of said party.

This stakeholder process brings into question the value of any customer
participation, when the IESO clearly sees its role as serving th eneeds of
generators first."


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