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From: Mona Habashy
To: Mona Habashy
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Sent: November 30, 2010 9:23 PM
To: BoardSec
Subject: OBJECTION Haldimand County Hydro SMART METERS

November 30 , 2010

The Board;

Ontario Energy Board

P.O. Box 2319

27th Floor, 2300 Young St.

Toronto, ON M4P1E4

Attention ; Board Secretary

Dear Board Secretary;

I am writing this letter to object to the rate increase for Haldimand County Hydro of 1.7% on the first 800kwh and for 1.6% on the remaining 2000kwh.

The public has endured the implementation of smart meters without input. We have been involved after the fact in the additional cost that will be born re the new fees for hydro charges that relate to the new meters and the implementation of them. When the installer came to do the install they said they did not need permission and when asked what it would cost they said nothing. I realize that verbal communications with low level contractors cannot be upheld but if a private company changed part of their billing process and incurred extra revenue to their credit in doing so they would not have the audacity to charge for the process change too.

I object to the charge itself.

I object to burying the charges in a monthly fee never to be retired.

I object to the fee being buried in the delivery cost which we the public have no control over.

Haldimand Hydro laid off their meter readers since the meters automatically send the data to remote receivers. This savings should be re-allocated to pay for this expense.

Please vote no to their application for fee increases as they pertain to the smart meters.


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