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Cc: Keith Ritchie; Theodore Antonopoulos
Subject: URGENT RE: Emailing: HORIZON_IRR_EP_20110124
Importance: High

Good morning, Ms. Walli -

We are counsel to Horizon Utilities Corporation in the above captioned matter.

PLEASE NOTE that the version of Horizon Utilities' responses to Energy Probe interrogatories filed on RESS and sent to parties by e-mail last night (see Ms. Butany-DeSouza's message below) inadvertently included an unredacted version of one item that is being filed in confidence.

In Question 26, Energy Probe requested an updated version of Table 4-25 of the Application. The public version of that updated table is redacted, consistent with the original version of Table 4-25 in the Application. The version of the responses circulated last night included an unredacted version in error.

The version of Horizon Utilities' responses to Energy Probe interrogatories circulated last night is not to be placed on the public record or in the Board's web drawer, nor is it to be made public by any of the recipients of last night's version of the responses. Horizon Utilities will provide a replacement public version of the responses, containing a redacted version of the updated table, to the parties and the Board today.

We regret any inconvenience in this regard.

James C. Sidlofsky
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
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Cc: Keith C. Ritchie (; 'Theodore Antonopoulos'
Subject: FW: Emailing: HORIZON_IRR_EP_20110124

Please find attached Horizon Utilities' responses to Energy Probe interrogatories provided by for its 2011 EDR COS Application (EB-2010-0131). These have also been filed on RESS. Subsequent emails will provide Horizon Utilities' responses to intervenor interrogatories. Yours Truly, Indy Butany

Your electronic submission to the Ontario Energy Board has been received.

Please consider this email and the e-filing reference number 11727 as your confirmation of receipt.

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Indy J. Butany-DeSouza, MBA
Vice President, Regulatory & Government Affairs
Horizon Utilities Corporation
Tel: (905) 317-4765
Cel: (416) 451-1822

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