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Subject: FW: EB-2010-0142 THESL 2011 EDR - Cost Claims Objection


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Subject: Re: EB-2010-0142 THESL 2011 EDR - Cost Claims Objection

Thank you for forwarding the cost claim objection. I am not in Toronto this week and will not be in Canada all next week, so thought I should quickly respond to the objection to the claimed hours for VECC for my attendance at the oral hearing. A review of the dockets submitted for myself indicate that we only claimed 6.8 hours for attendance at the hearing; the problem appears to be that a number of hours claimed by VECC that did not fit clearly into one of the enumerated categories were placed into the "attendance at hearing" category on the OEB form. We would ask that THESL review my actual docket in view of this email and advise whether they might retract their objection, which appears to be based on a presumed strict correlation between the length of the oral hearing and the hours claimed for attendance at the oral hearing, or whether a full response to the objection is required.

Thank you.

Michael Buonaguro

Counsel for VECC

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Please see attached document filed through RESS (13719) today. Please let me know if you have any problems accessing the attachment.

Mr. Shepherd: a copy has been sent to you by fax.

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