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 Case Number  File Name  Document Type  Issued By OEB  Received By OEB Date Issued/Received
EB-2014-0172  licence_dec_order_eg_varnawindlp_20140609 Licence and Decision/Order 2014-06-09 2014-06-09
EB-2014-0172  licence_eg_varnawindlp_20140609 Licence 2014-06-09 2014-06-09
EB-2014-0172  SombraMooreVarnaKerwood_LTR_OPA assign_agmts_20140617 Correspondence 2014-06-17 2014-06-17
EB-2014-0172  Varna Wind_LTR_Confirm_contract_20140611 Correspondence 2014-06-11 2014-06-11
EB-2014-0172  dec_order_eg_sombra_moore_varna_kerwood_20140530 Decision and Order 2014-05-30 2014-05-30
EB-2014-0172  NextEraEnergy_LTR_ Leave_tsf_licences_20140505 Correspondence 2014-05-05 2014-05-05
EB-2014-0172  NextEra Energy_LTR_ pdate_20140515 Correspondence 2014-05-16 2014-05-16
EB-2014-0172  Brdltr_eg_licence_transfer_OPA_20140512 Correspondence 2014-05-12 2014-05-12
EB-2014-0172  ack_ltr_eg_varnawind_20140423 Acknowledgement Letter 2014-04-23 2014-04-23
EB-2014-0172  Varna_APPL_Leave_Tsf_20140417 Application and Evidence 2014-04-17 2014-04-17