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 Case Number  File Name  Document Type  Issued By OEB  Received By OEB Date Issued/Received
EB-2017-0180  Union_COA_6ai-v_20190124 Post Hearing Filings 2019-01-24 2019-01-24
EB-2017-0180  Union_COA_2biii_20181203 Post Hearing Filings 2018-12-03 2018-12-03
EB-2017-0180  Union_COA_2biv_20181029 Post Hearing Filings 2018-10-29 2018-10-29
EB-2017-0180  Union_Ltr_In-Service Date_2018 Correspondence 2018-10-03 2018-10-03
EB-2017-0180  Union_Ltr_COA_2bi_Construction Comencement Date_20180501 Post Hearing Filings 2018-05-01 2018-05-01
EB-2017-0180  Union_Sudbury Repl_RVT Change Request 2_20180424.pdf Correspondence 2018-04-24 2018-04-24
EB-2017-0180  Union_Change Req2_Sudbury Replacement Proj_20180412 Post Hearing Filings 2018-04-12 2018-04-12
EB-2017-0180  OEB Ltr_Union_Sudbury_Change_Req1_20180305 Correspondence 2018-03-05 2018-03-05
EB-2017-0180  Union_Change Req1_Sudbury Replacement Proj_20180220 Post Hearing Filings 2018-02-20 2018-02-20
EB-2017-0180  dec_order_Union_Sudbury Replacement Proj_20170928 Decision and Order 2017-09-28 2017-09-28
EB-2017-0180  Union_ReplySub_Sudbury Replacement Proj_20170901 Applicant Reply Argument 2017-09-01 2017-09-01
EB-2017-0180  OEB Staff_SUB_Union Gas_20170825 Submission 2017-08-25 2017-08-25
EB-2017-0180  PO2_Union_EB-2017-0180 _20170817 Procedural Order 2017-08-17 2017-08-17
EB-2017-0180  Union_Ltr_Indigenous consultation report_Sudbury Replacement Proj_20170811 Correspondence 2017-08-11 2017-08-11
EB-2017-0180  OEB_ltr procedural schedule_Union_Sudbury Replacement_20170808 Correspondence 2017-08-08 2017-08-08
EB-2017-0180  Union_IRR_Sudbury Replacement Proj_20170725 Interrogatory Response from Applicant 2017-07-25 2017-07-25
EB-2017-0180  OEB Staff_IR_Union_20170713 Interrogatories to Applicant 2017-07-13 2017-07-13
EB-2017-0180  po1_Union_Sudbury Replacement_20170707 Procedural Order 2017-07-07 2017-07-07
EB-2017-0180  Union_Affidavit_Sudbury Replacement Proj_20170613 Affidavits of Service 2017-06-13 2017-06-13
EB-2017-0180  Notice_Union Gas_Sudbury Replacement_FR_29170608 Notice 2017-06-08 2017-06-08
EB-2017-0180  Notice_Union Gas_Sudbury Replacement_20170608 Notice 2017-06-08 2017-06-08
EB-2017-0180  lod_Union Gas_Sudbury Replacement_20170608 Letter of Direction 2017-06-08 2017-06-08
EB-2017-0180  ack_ltr_Union_Sudbury Proj_20170519 Acknowledgement Letter 2017-05-19 2017-05-19
EB-2017-0180  Union_2018 Sudbury Replacement Proj_APPL_Redacted_20170505 Application and Evidence 2017-05-05 2017-05-05