Message: D09-11073

From: BoardSec
To: Batul Rahimtoola
Cc: Harold Thiessen
Sent: 2009-08-24 at 1:19 PM
Received: 2009-08-24 at 1:19 PM
Subject: FW: File EB-2009-0096


John Pickernell

Assistant Board Secretary

Ontario Energy Board


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From: Louise Fisher []
Sent: August 22, 2009 11:37 AM
To: BoardSec
Subject: File EB-2009-0096

I am writing to express my extreme disapproval of Hydro One Networks recent application for an electricity distribution rate change in 2010 and 2013 (file EB-2009-0096). You would think that an organization, whose senior personnel already enjoy obscene salaries and benefits, would consider the current economic climate before putting their hands out for more. It's as if they don't see a connection between a devastated economy and the subsequent fallout of that for mainstreet society.

At a time when more and more people are retiring on fixed incomes, or otherwise losing their jobs in record numbers, as well as their homes, their savings and their dignity, we are still expected to turn a blind eye to this kind of greed and cough up even higher profits for the likes of Hydro One. Well I, for one, say...enough already!! They don't need it!!! Like so many other Ontarians, I am payment-weary and would like the powers-that-be to give me a break for a change.

With that, I would implore you to say NO to Hydro One this time around. Tell them they must learn to "get by" with the income they receive now, just as the ordinary citizens of this province must do, and to find any additional funds they require from within that organization. It's called "restructuring and downsizing" and may just include slicing off some of the fat from those ridiculous salaries, retention bonuses, flexible benefits and executive allowances that ordinary consumers have been picking up the tab for. Tell them to please...think outside the box for once and, at the very least, earn that salary by coming up with creative ways to meet their company's financial needs without reaching deeper into my pockets.

As a side note, can someone from Hydro One please tell the people of this province just how much that so-called "debt" we are currently paying off is, in total, why we are having to pay this "debt reduction" charge in the first place, and when it will finally be over? Is there anyone overseeing this debt payment to ensure it is going where it's supposed to go and stops when it's supposed to stop? It's time for the ordinary citizens of this province to wake up and demand some accountability in return for the money we are dishing out!

Louise Fisher, retiree

188 Ruttan Street,

Thunder Bay ON

(807) 345-3859

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