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To: Batul Rahimtoola
Sent: 2009-08-28 at 3:31 PM
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Subject: LOC - EB-2009-0096 FW: Hydro taking sides with tenants and ignoring landlords rights


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From: Jan and Ian Farnworth []
Sent: August 28, 2009 11:38 AM
To: BoardSec
Subject: Hydro taking sides with tenants and ignoring landlords rights

We owned a duplex from Feb 2006 to July 31st 2009 and thank goodness it is now sold!!
We have never had a problem with tenants until March this year.

Kerry Nicholson and her boyfriend Damien Sager occupied the duplex from Oct 2008.
Kerry moved out some time in March 09 with terminating her tenancy with us. However, she informed Hydro that she was no longer responsible for bill payment so Hydro put the bill back into my name - without so much of a letter informing me and without enquiring as to whether Damien was still a tenant which he was for a further 3 months.
The first we knew of her not paying Hydro was when I received the bill in my name on 22nd May 2009.
This is totally unprofessional and I should have been informed IMMEDIATELY by letter and phone call - NO CONTACT from Hydro was ever made to me.
Damien finally moved out of our duplex end of June 2009, praise the Lord!!!

We have received the final Hydro bill which I paid on his behalf and in total he owes us $311.49.
Both Damien and Kerry have vanished off the planet, their previous employers do not know of their whereabouts so I cannot garnish any wages.
This is all because I was not informed immediately by Hydro of Kerry's termination with them.

It seems to me that Hydro look after the scum tenants of Ontario and do not care about doing what is right by the Landlords, just so long as Hydro's bill is paid.
If this matter is not reslolved then I will have no further option than to publicize Hydro's bad management and unprofessionalism in handling this situation, if only to warn other unsuspecting Landlords of these scum tenants who think they can always get one over on honest people.
I look forward to hearing your reply with a satisfactory outcome.


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