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Subject: FW: Hydro One Networks Application EB-2009-0096


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Sent: September 8, 2009 6:32 PM
To: BoardSec
Subject: Hydro One Networks Application EB-2009-0096

Board Members,
Hopefully my response will be accepted as vacation quickly eroded the 30 days allowed for response. The timing of the publication was well planned.
I fail to see why such large increases are quickly approved without any substantiation or detailed cost control measures to allow taxpayers to see value for their dollar. If revenue has fallen look to other avenues to lower costs as any private sector firm has to do. We are driven to reduce electrical consumption and we have done very well at it, however, the "catch 22" is we now face higher rates. As my income is fixed and the recession is wreaking havoc on all pensioners savings, I have had to cut spending to be able to pay for the necessities of life. I cannot just up my earned interest rate as it is controlled by others. Hydro One Networks should be detailing to all Ontarians just how they can cut costs. How about freeze the big salaries and stop paying bonuses? Cut expense and travel. Show us how much debt reduction we have paid for and let us out from under the anchor of incompetency.
Ontarians have a right to be protected from ridiculous claims for rates that we cannot even dream of for our own funds at any, time not considering this recession we are still in. The necessities of life in Canada require water, heat and hydro to be affordable for all. These increases will put many into dangerous life threatening situations as they cut usage to be able to purchase food. Shame on you! I hope your can live with yourself if others pay the price for your greed.

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