Message: D09-12088

From: BoardSec
To: Batul Rahimtoola
Sent: 2009-09-14 at 11:54 AM
Received: 2009-09-14 at 11:54 AM
Subject: FW: File EB-2009-0096


John Pickernell

Assistant Board Secretary

Ontario Energy Board


Fax: 416-440-7656


Official Correspondence:


P.O. Box 2319

2300 Yonge Street 27th Floor

Toronto, ON

M4P 1E4



From: Linda Hutchison []
Sent: September 12, 2009 12:29 PM
To: BoardSec
Subject: File EB-2009-0096

In response to your service charge increases please consider all the people that this will negatively effect. I know that this will be something that we cannot afford as I work part time and we are already having trouble making ends meet.

If you want us to stick around in this province of Ontario, please help us, not lead us away!


Linda Hutchison

Site 108, Box 88, R.R.#1

Dryden, On

P8N 2Y4

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