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From: BoardSec
To: Natasha Sookmangal
Sent: 2009-11-09 at 2:19 PM
Received: 2009-11-09 at 2:19 PM
Subject: FW: Veridian Conbections Inc. EB=2009-0140


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From: AL Sealy []
Sent: November 7, 2009 9:32 PM
To: BoardSec
Subject: Veridian Conbections Inc. EB=2009-0140

June an Allan Sealy

N418 Loon Lake Road

Gravenhurst On.

I fully object to the method of notifying all Veridian Hydro users of a Major change cost of hydro distribution. Time are changing and this method of notifying the general public of a change is just not correct. That is to say people do not read the local papers and in this case I realize it was published in the Toronto Star but that is still inadequate when there is vacation area and the property owners are spread wide and far like just yesterday one person in my area indicated he now resides in Costa Rica, Now what good does a notification in local papers do for them and he is only one out of thousands.

Please Veridian purchased Gravenhurst hydro to make money but please do not have the Gravenhurst Customers subsides the rest of there main customer base. The main customer base costs where established before they purchased Gravenhurst Hydro customers so what goes on here? I firmly object to the propost changes it the Veridian rate structure..

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