Message: D09-16050

From: BoardSec
To: Natasha Sookmangal
Sent: 2009-11-11 at 1:42 PM
Received: 2009-11-11 at 1:42 PM
Subject: LoC re: Notice of Application and Hearing re EB-2009-0140


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From: Wallace Goddard []
Sent: November 11, 2009 12:23 PM
To: BoardSec
Cc: AL Sealy
Subject: Notice of Application and Hearing re EB-2009-0140

Kirsten Walli

Board Secretary

I am writing you regarding this application from Veridian Connections Inc.

My first issue is that your Board should not allow Veridian to publish its Application in the local newspaper in November after the majority of cottage owners like us have closed our cottages and are no longer in the area to obtain the local newspaper. It would be much better if Veridian would publish its rate increases in the June through Sept. time period so we could receive reasonable notification of same. There are more than 100 cottagers on our Pine Lake and I am concerned that few know of this rate application.

The second issue I have concerns the monthly fixed delivery charge I and other cottage property owners receive because of Hydro poles in allegedly isolated properties accessed on private roads owned but not assumed by Gravenhurst and also by cottage owners on Loon Lake Rd. which is assumed by the Town of Gravenhurst.

In my case we are not at our cottage in the winter months and we use no electricity (the Main switch is turned off) but my billing for the period Jan. 27/09 to April 4/09 was $53.85 for Delivery plus the .50 cents for Regulatory.We have been paying a monthly fixed delivery charge since we purchased our cottage in August 1997. Is there an OEB policy which can limit the amount of time such charges can be levied?

The Veridian application indicates a 19.3% to 22% delivery rate increase for users of 800kWh or more which includes me. As my last two billings for delivery charges for 2 months were $96.64 and $85.98 a rate increase of 20% would result in increased delivery charges to $109.00. versus charges for electricity of approx. $60.00. RESULTING IN A DELIVERY CHARGE OF 182% OF MY ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION CHARGE.

It appears that Veridian is moving into using Delivery to avoid more publicized electricity RATE increases in order to pad their profitability.

I ask the Board to significantly reduce the proposed Delivery charges by Veridian-Gravenhurst.

Yours truly,

Wallace J. Goddard

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