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Jim and Betty Piche

1667 Michigan Ave.

LaSalle, ON

N9J 2G8

(519) 734-7042

To the Ontario Energy Board Panel,

This letter is in regards to the application submitted by Essex Powerlines Corporation for an electricity distribution rate change. We recommend to the Board that you not support this rate increase.

Like many seniors across the Essex region, we have worked and saved all of our lives to be able to live comfortable in retirement. While we are able to live comfortably, our income is still quite limited. We consider ourselves blessed to able to afford the things we have, but many seniors and area residents cannot. As you know, during the recent economic recession many seniors have lost a substantial portion of their retirement investments and pensions. An increase in hydro distribution rates will only further impede the ability of seniors to afford to live in retirement. This is unacceptable and a complete affront to the generation that has made this country what it is today.

Let us also remind the Board of the impending Harmonized Sales Tax that will come into effect July 1st, 2010. This will increase the cost of many goods and services and strain already burdened seniors and low-income earners, causing them to make decisions that no Canadian should have to make (e.g. pay for rent or pay for groceries). The social welfare network, which once ensured Canadians could afford necessities, has been gradually eroded as governments yield to corporate interests. This trend is unsustainable and will force more and more Canadians (especially seniors) into poverty. Essex Powerlines is one such corporate interest.

The Board has a tremendous opportunity to put the interests of Canadians, and the people of Essex County, before the interest of large corporations like Essex Powerlines. We hope you consider the implications of your decision, and we hope you reject Essex PowerlineÂ’s application.

Best regards,

Jim and Betty Piche

LaSalle, ON

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