Message: D12-13337

From: BoardSec
To: Batul Rahimtoola
Sent: 2012-07-24 at 3:11 PM
Received: 2012-07-24 at 3:11 PM
Subject: FW: EB-2012-0031 - Amendment to Distribution List [OR-EDRMS.FID4586297]


From: Jay Shepherd []
Sent: July 24, 2012 3:09 PM
To: 'Massabki, Monique'; BoardSec
Cc: 'Alexander Wilson'; 'Amanda Klein'; 'Anita Varjacic'; 'Audrey Penner'; 'Bayu Kidane'; 'Beauchamp, John'; 'Bill Harper'; 'Carlton Mathias'; 'Charles Keizer'; 'Curtis Pedwell'; 'David Butters'; 'David Crocker'; 'David MacIntosh'; 'Donald Rogers'; 'Garry Hendel'; 'George Vegh'; 'Ian Blue'; 'Jack Burkom'; 'Jack Gibbons'; 'James Wightman'; 'John Sprackett'; 'Judy Kwik'; 'Julie Girvan'; 'Kent Elson'; 'Kim Dullet'; 'King, Richard'; 'Kristyn Annis'; 'Marion Fraser'; 'Matthieu Plante'; 'Michael Buonaguro'; 'Miriam Heinz'; 'Murray Klippenstein'; 'Pascal Cormier'; 'Pasquale Catalano'; 'Paul Clipsham'; 'Paul Kerr'; 'Paula Lukan'; 'Peter Faye'; 'Peter Thompson'; 'Randy Aiken'; 'Richard Stephenson'; 'Robert Warren'; 'Roger Higgin'; 'Shelley Grice'; 'Thomas Brett'; 'Tyson Dyck'; 'Vincent DeRose'; 'Wayne Clark'; 'Wayne McNally'; 'Yannick Vennes'
Subject: RE: EB-2012-0031 - Amendment to Distribution List [OR-EDRMS.FID4586297]

I have just an hour ago received a communication from Mr. Wolnick on behalf of APPrO, and this, from another representative, appears to be inconsistent with that communication.

I think other parties to this proceeding need an explanation, with details, with respect to who we should be dealing with representing APPrO.

Thank you.


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From: Massabki, Monique []
Sent: July-24-12 2:53 PM
To: OEB Board Secretary
Cc: Alexander Wilson; Amanda Klein; Anita Varjacic; Audrey Penner; Bayu Kidane; Beauchamp, John; Bill Harper; Carlton Mathias; Charles Keizer; Curtis Pedwell; David Butters; David Crocker; David MacIntosh; Donald Rogers; Garry Hendel; George Vegh; Ian Blue; Jack Burkom; Jack Gibbons; James Wightman; Jay Shepherd; John Sprackett; Judy Kwik; Julie Girvan; Kent Elson; Kim Dullet; King, Richard; Kristyn Annis; Marion Fraser; Matthieu Plante; Michael Buonaguro; Miriam Heinz; Murray Klippenstein; Pascal Cormier; Pasquale Catalano; Paul Clipsham; Paul Kerr; Paula Lukan; Peter Faye; Peter Thompson; Randy Aiken; Richard Stephenson; Robert Warren; Roger Higgin; Shelley Grice; Thomas Brett; Tyson Dyck; Vincent DeRose; Wayne Clark; Wayne McNally; Yannick Vennes
Subject: EB-2012-0031 - Amendment to Distribution List [OR-EDRMS.FID4586297]

Please see attached. We ask that you remove John Wolnik’s name and contact information from the service list for the above-noted proceeding so that he is not copied on further correspondence.


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