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Subject: FW: EB-2012-0031 Hydro One Networks Inc.

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Subject: RE: EB-2012-0031 Hydro One Networks Inc.

To the OEB and Interested Parties

This e mail contains brief submissions on behalf of CME with respect to the issue that Goldcorp wishes to add to the issues list in this proceeding.These submissions are late because my involvement in the Union Gas Rebasing proceeding last week precluded me from being able to formulate them before today.

My impression is that what Goldcorp is effectively asking the Board to determine is the by-pass competitive rate that it should be paying to Hydro One.

Over the years the Board has determined issues pertaining to customer specific requests for by pass competitive rates in a number of Gas Utility rate cases.Such customer specific rate claims been determined in customer specific rate applications that have been heard separately, in some cases, and in combination with a utility's request for rate relief in others.Some customer specific requests for by pass competitive rate cases that come to mind are those made by CIL,Cardinal Power,and Nitrochem.There are others.

In the context of these cases,it seems to me that it is open to the Board to treat Goldcorp's request as,in substance, an Application for a Board determination of the By Pass Competitive Rate that it should be paying to Hydro One.

The question of whether this issue should be considered in conjunction with the Hydro One Tx Application or separately in a customer specific proceeding related to Goldcorp is a matter for the Board to determine having regard to pragmatic considerations including efficiency.

As far as CME is concerned in the absence of an agreement between Goldcorp and Hydro One with respect to the matter,Goldcorp is entitled to have the Board set what is effectively a by pass competitive rate for the service that Hydro One has contracted to provide.

I hope these submissions are of some assistance.Please bring them to the attention of the Board panel that is considering the matter.

Peter T


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Subject: EB-2012-0031 Hydro One Networks Inc.

Please find attached the Board Staff submission on the Draft Issues List for the Hydro One Networks Inc. 2013-2014 Transmission Rates proceeding, EB-2012-0031.

Harold Thiessen

Ontario Energy Board Staff

Case Manager – EB-2012-0031

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