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Subject: Letter of Comment Submitted: EB-2014-0154


Board file number EB-2014-0154

I received the Board filing by Union Gas Co. to reduce the imposed penalty for not fully balancing the February checkpoint obligations as mandated by Union Gas Co.
While I understand the obligation as set forth, the Board needs to understand that there were factors involved that affected the ability for customers to actually balance their account. accordingly i have presented below my comments in that the Board may understand our situation related to this matter.
1) An important factor that impacted our company was our ability to find necessary cash to accomodate the balancing transactions. Our initial balancing transactions were completed rather simple in that we used our credit with our existing Natural Gas supplier, however further transactions required cash prior to a balancing transaction. This proved to be detremental as it became difficult to raise the required cash to accomodate transactions.
2) In our situation we have many accounts that we are required to balance and that are not fortuante to have daily meter readings that basically casues us to wait until late February to balance fully. We did compelte balancing transactions in the middle of February but the transactions in late February proved difficult. The waiting also proved detremental.
3) Union did not provide any support without cash prior to any balancing requisitions. Union has an unfair advantage that they can make it difficult to balance and be rewarded when accounts are not fully balanced.
4) Customers do not have any option but to accept the stated terms as set forth by Union Gas.
5) The company requistioned Union to accpet deliveries for the weekend, namely Mar.01-02, at $34.00 /GJ but this was refused.

While the propsoed reduction from from $79.00 /GJ to $50.50 /GJ will help termendously, this cost will still impose significant hardship to the company which I still cannot understand.

Our situation was not similar to others and I feel that there should be some added relief to situations that are not in the control of the company.

thank you

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